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DANCE . M/6 . '40 minutes

creation: Guilherme de Sousa & Pedro Azevedo

direction: Guilherme de Sousa 
costumes, props and set design: Pedro Azevedo
light design: Francisco Campos
movement support: Pedro Quiroga Cardoso

interpretation: Guilherme de Sousa e Pedro Quiroga Cardoso

artistic guidance: João Cardoso
executive production: Marta Nascimento Lima

production: ASSéDIO 

In a day that inevitably seems to repeat itself, two people await not only that some stimuli will change the pathway of a dying time, but also something that will change them in the process, as well. Two people, or rather two sides of a same person which complement each other and who – even if they are bound to clash when facing one another – wouldn’t be able to live apart.

They fill up time moving within a “place without a name”, stressing the differences in dialogue which one and the other set with the space they inhabit day in, day out. Waiting for a mutual consent to change.

Because it takes two to Tango.

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