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creation and direction: Guilherme de Sousa & Pedro Azevedo
set design and costumes: Pedro Azevedo
light design: Wilma Moutinho


Ana Rita Xavier
Guilherme de Sousa
Mara Andrade

Maria Luis Cardoso
Paulo Mota

executive production: 

Inês Carvalho e Lemos




Teatro Municipal do Porto

residency support:

23 Milhas


O Espaço do Tempo

Teatro Municipal do Porto

FINISSAGE is a show about the universe of the Museum of Contemporary Art - an unlimited, irreverent, provocative and sensorial context, which triggers reactions and behaviors of a diverse and particular nature. It intends to focus on the identification and exploration of behavioral patterns inevitably associated with the moment of exposure and enjoyment of the work of art.

How do we relate to the work of art and appropriate it? How do we relate to each other in this type of context? What are the norms of behavior evidenced and identifiable in such a context? What interests are beyond art when its celebration becomes a social event?

FINISSAGE is an extension of VERNISSAGE project, started in 2019.


  M/12 . '60 minutes


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