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  M/12 . '50 minutes

Creation and direction:

Guilherme de Sousa & Pedro Azevedo 


Guilherme de Sousa

Plastic Conception / Execution:

Pedro Azevedo 

Exterior look:

Mara Andrade 

Mold execution:

Pedro Azevedo and Telma Pereira 

Executive production:



Palcos Instáveis/ Companhia Instável /Teatro Municipal do Porto

A countermould is the reproduction of the form of a buried and destroyed organism, obtained by filling the space it used to occupy with different material.

The project works from the different layers of a single character, or of a single character, if we speak of "only" as an adjective. Apathy becomes personality and impatience is at a low point, comforted with habits that remain from homesick times.

"Contramolde" calls for solitude, forgetfulness, the monotony of sad (all) days and how they lead us to silence, under a state of mind indifferent to longevity. It's about living with it or letting yourself be destroyed.

After all I am alive only by accident.

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